First things first, please introduce for me the members of The Honorable South…

Charm: I am the Rock-n-Soul Goddess, Electric Soul Lady, vocalist, Supernova, and songwriter, Ms. Charm Taylor. THS is my brother, guitarist and composer Matthew Rosenbeck. My ”twin,” bassist and songwriter, Charles Lumar II. The drummer of the decade, Jamal Batiste, and renowned guitarist and executive producer of our last two albums, Danny Kartel — We are The Honorable South.

How did you all actually come together to form the group?

Charm: Matthew and I, Ms. Charm Taylor, met at a lounge in downtown New Orleans (in) 2008, and began working together after we learned that we both loved Rock music. In 2009, we released an Electronic Rock EP called Dirty in the Light, which featured Jamal Batiste on drums. Danny actually worked sound at our first live performance. The band expanded to include the rest of the South between 2011-2012.

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